The mission of The International Foundation for Production Research (IFPR) is to encourage communication among researchers of production systems and processes around the world, especially by its continuing support of the International Conference on Production Research.

Production research topics that have been addressed by ICPR participants over the last three decades. The first International Conference on Production Research, ICPR was founded as a result. The first conference was held in Birmingham in August 1971. Since then, conference organizers from around the world have felt the conferences sufficiently important to invest the time, effort and money required to run a successful international meeting.

In addition to the long term relationship between IFPR and the International Journal of Production Research, articles from recent ICPR meetings have also been published in the International Journal of Production Economics. Also, ICPR conference Chairs have usually edited the proceedings from these conferences.

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The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca has the honor to be the main organizer of the joint conference for the second time. The topics of the conference are meant to stimulate fruitful scientific interaction between the academics in our institution and researchers from Romania and the European Union.

Our belief is that the triad made up by quality, innovation and design forms the bas of a sustainable development philosophy for all economic and social fields: industry, services, commerce, civil engineering, ICT, energy education, health care administration. Therefore, design, development and innovation of organizations, processes and products that meet the needs and requirements of customers and society in a sustainable framework, constitute the focus of QIEM.

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